I Am Car Free!

Jamez Smith
Transit for Livable Communities

My breakup with my car occurred in July of 2007 when I moved to Minnesota from California. I had every intention of getting a car, but it has yet to happen. When I arrived in Minneapolis I got a bicycle. It is very easy to get around on two wheels-the grocery store, a department store, restaurants, the post office and the library were all within walking distance of the Northeast Minneapolis neighborhood where I lived when I first moved here.

When I later landed a job in St. Paul, I was pleased to discover that the Metro Transit bus dropped me off right in front of the office. Even better, my bike commute is less than 45 minutes. I was daunted by the idea of biking in the winter, but I’ve made it through two Minnesota winters using a combination of walking, biking, and public transit.

When I really need a motor vehicle I rely on HourCar, a car-sharing program in the Twin Cities metro area. I am also fortunate enough to have friends with whom I car-share-we share responsibility for maintenance, upkeep, and fueling.

I sometimes miss having a car of my own. I do not, however, miss the expense of car ownership. Seeing my debts decrease and my bank balance grow are huge incentives for me to stay car-free.

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I Am Car Free

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