Introducing Nice Ride Minnesota

Bill Dossett
New Ride Minnesota

Coming to America via Minneapolis: Nice Ride Minnesota will launch a public bike sharing system-based on an internationally successful model-in Minneapolis in May of 2010.

It’s easy: Anyone can subscribe. Take a bike from one kiosk and ride to another kiosk. Anytime you need.

It’s where you want it: 1,000 bikes will be available in 80 secure, self-service kiosks throughout Downtown, the U of M Campus, and Uptown from April-November.

It’s fast: Swipe a card at any kiosk and go! Return the bike to a kiosk near your destination.

It’s fun: Everyone is riding. Get some exercise and have some fun on the way to your next appointment.

A new downtown: 2010 brings the completion of the Nice Ride Minnesota Program, Access Minneapolis reconstruction of 2nd and Marquette avenues, miles of new bike lanes, the Northstar Commuter Rail and the Twins Stadium. Get ready to experience a new downtown!

Be part of it: Help Minneapolis lead the nation in creating an active, accessible, forward-thinking city.

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Nice Ride Twin Cities Metro Area, MN 612-747-4659

Nice Ride Minnesota

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