St. Paul Biking Statistics

Russ Stark
Midway Transportation Management Organization (TMO)

A St. Paul Bicycling Survey was conducted in August of 2006 from people who either live or bike in St. Paul. There were 750 responses so far with an expected 1,000+ survey responses for the final tally. Here are the preliminary results of this survey being undertaken by the St. Paul Bicycle Advisory Board, where they will be drafting a revision to the Bicycle section of St. Paul’s Transportation Plan:

Preliminary Results :
St. Paul Bicycling Survey 2006

1.Where do you bicycle?
41% mainly streets w/ moderate traffic and bike lanes
28% mainly in traffic and almost any street
19% about equally on streets and trails

2.Do you bicycle for transportation or recreation?
40% about half and half
26% mainly recreation
25% mainly transportation

3.What streets do you ride on most often?
-Summit Ave.
-Mississippi River Blvd.

4.What streets would you ride on if they were more bike friendly?
(tie) Snelling Ave.
(tie) University Ave.
Lexington Ave.

5.What trails and paths do you ride?
(tie) Mississippi River Blvd.
(tie) Gateway Trail
Shepard/Sam Morgan trail
Bruce Vento Trail

6.How often do you ride in the warmer months?
55% 4+ times per week
31% 1-3 times per week

7.How often do you ride in the colder months?
30% Less than once a week
23% Not at all
21% 2-3 times a week

8.Do you ride to work or school?
76% Yes

9.How often?
37% 4+ times a week
28% 2-3 times a week
23% 1-3 times a month

10.Obstacles to riding to work or school?
31% feels unsafe riding in traffic
22% no obstacles n/a
21% takes too long/too far

11.Do you ride for shopping or errands?
69% Yes

12.How often?
33% 1-3 times a month
20% once a week
19% 2-3 times a week

13.Obstacles to riding for shopping or errands?
51% Too much to haul
27% No bike racks
16% Takes too long/too far

14.How could biking conditions be improved?
74% More bike lanes on streets
34% More off-street trails
26% More bike/motorist safety

54% 41-60 years old
40% 21-40 years old

2/3 Male
1/3 Female

For more information about this survey or St. Paul’s Transportation Plan, contact Russ Stark, Executive Director at the Midway TMO: 651-644-5108 or visit

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