Worry Less About Gas Prices and Consider Alternatives

Sara Grochowski
Do It Green! Minnesota

For many of us, daily commutes to and from school or the workplace is an accepted part of life. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, Minnesotans spend an average of 5.79% or $2,377 of their annual income on gasoline expenses. Considering these rates were published in a report based on 2007 prices and gas prices have continued to increase at alarming rates, finding a cheap way to get from one place to another has become increasingly difficult. Alternative modes of transportation can help your wallet and the environment. You will reduce your emissions and at the same time save money and in some cases, improve your health.

Consider these alternative transportation tips:

  • When commuting to work and to other places, consider taking public transit, using a carpool, walking, biking or inline skating.
  • Carpool to get to work, school, activities, or a night out. It’s a great way to meet new people and reduce emissions, traffic, and noise on the road.
  • Find out if your company gives rebates or incentives for commuting by public transit or car pooling. If not, ask them to consider introducing a program.
  • Ask your municipality to build bike lanes or sidewalks in your area.
  • Ask your employer to install showers and lockers at work, so you can clean up after biking to work.
  • Consider purchasing an electric bike to make it easier to get up steep hills.
  • If you are traveling long distances and you are not pressed for time, consider traveling by train or bus instead of by car. Travel by plane as a last resort. 
Alternative Transportation

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