FAMILY: Introduction

Do It Green Minnesota Welcome to The Twin Cities Green Guide’s Family Introduction. Throughout this section, you’ll find articles about childrens’ toys, childbirth, activities, pets and population – all things to help “green” families survive and thrive in the Twin Cities. Enjoy! Introduction

Global Warming in Minnesota

By Ami Voeltz & Sara Grochowski Do It Green! Minnesota The phrase “global warming” has almost become overused in mainstream media. Anyone who is not at least vaguely aware of the threat would seemingly have been hiding under a rock during the last several years. However, many of us may …

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Eco History: The Life Cycle of Recycle

Emily Plucinak Carver County Historical Society Reduce, reuse, recycle. We have known the old adage since grade-school, seen the triangular-shaped symbol on the bottom of plastic containers, and have even crushed soda cans and brought them to our local supermarket’s parking lot. A century ago, however, waste not, want not …

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The Transition to Energy Efficient Living

Sara Grochowski Do It Green! Minnesota Since the advent of the industrial revolution, worldwide energy consumption has been growing steadily. With the decreasing availability of current non-renewable energy sources, we are moving towards an energy transition to renewable energy options. There are arguments for and against the many energy sources …

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The First Straw Bale Building

Ramy Selim, Owner Sunny Day Earth Solutions Sunny Day Earth Solutions to Build the First Straw Bale Building in Twin Cities Since 1998 Sunny Day Earth Solutions, a local eco-business based out of the Como neighborhood in Minneapolis has recently been approved by the city to begin construction on a …

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Reckmeyer vs. Rivers: A Family Energy Challenge

Neely Crane-Smith Center for Energy and Environment Looking for inspiration to save energy in your home? Two Minnesota families have taken it to the next level with a three-year competition happening amidst new jobs, new babies and new challenges. It all started in 2007, when Tim Reckmeyer mentioned to coworker …

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The Fair Trade Movement – Coffee and Beyond

Wedge co-op newsletter Reprinted with permission From around the world, we hear heart-wrenching stories about mistreated and abused workers who earn meager wages. Or worse, we hear about millions of children sold into servitude or forced to work in unsafe conditions for pittance wages to contribute to their family’s survival. …

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Carpet and Carpet Pad Recycling

NAHB Research Center Annual carpet production for the U.S. market equals 1.5 billion square yards (approximately 485 square miles or enough to cover almost 90% of Houston, Texas, with carpet). Carpet typically lasts from 7 to 10 years (residential) or 5 to 8 years (commercial). Recarpeting accounts for 55% of …

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