How can individual cities make a global impact on climate change?

Frontiers in the Environment: Big Questions, with:


Simon Sharpe, Head of Climate Risk, UK Foreign Office; Martin Bigg, Professor, University of West England and Former Chair of Bristol Green Capital Partnership; and Gayle Prest, Sustainability Manager, City of Minneapolis

Tackling climate change is a global effort, requiring action on the local level. Communities around the world are taking charge by implementing sustainability measures that can add up to global impact. For example, light rail and other public transportation modes are expanding in the Twin Cities. Bristol, England, which was recently named a “European Green Capitol,” is piloting a hybrid bus program. In this Frontiers talk, Simon Sharpe, head of climate risk for the U.K. Foreign Office; Martin Bigg, a professor at the University of West England and the former chair of Bristol Green Capital Partnership; and Gayle Prest, sustainability manager for the City of Minneapolis, will present local and global perspectives on addressing our warming planet. Our British guests are in town as part of the Pop-up British Consulate in Minneapolis.

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