Threes for Trees in Crosby Farm Park

September 21, 2019 All Day - 11:59 pm
Crosby Farm Regional Park
2595 Crosby Farm Rd
Saint Paul, MN 55116


Join us to plant trees in Crosby Farm Park, in partnership with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Lynx, and Timberland, as part of their “Threes for Trees” promise to plant trees for three-point shots made this season. Volunteers will help plant trees on uneven terrain to enhance the floodplain forest and provide natural habitat for wildlife. Crosby Farm Regional Park is the largest natural park in Saint Paul with 736 acres of floodplain forests, wooded slopes in oak forest/savanna, and natural wetlands.

If you’d like to register as a group (Scout Troop, employees of a company, school group, gardening clubs, etc), please contact Genna at

Partners & Funders: The Minnesota Timberwolves, The Minnesota Lynx, Timberland, the City of Saint Paul, and the Outdoor Heritage Fund.

Open to all ages (Family Friendly)
Difficulty level of restoration task: Moderate to Difficult (Accommodation range to people’s ability)
Hike to Site: Varies at event site. Northern section of volunteer site (shorter distance, shaded area, some uneven terrain), western section of volunteer site (main area, longer distance, and uneven terrain)
Light breakfast, snacks and lunch are provided.

For more information, visit: Threes for Trees in Crosby Farm Park

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