The Untold Stories of Fishing, Hunting, and Trapping

Durk Gescheidle Coalition for Animal Rights Education Fishing In Minnesota, during the spring, fishing enthusiasts take to the lakes and rivers in their boats and to their icehouses in the winter. Fishing is a popular year-round activity, but it is not without controversy. Fishing advocates point to “catch-and-release” as responsible …

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Wildlife Rehabilitation Do’s and Don’ts

Lark Weller Institute for Social, Economic, and Ecological Sustainability Includes Listing of Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers For many, finding an injured wildlife creature poses a dilemma: we want to aid the animal by getting it to safety, but we worry that our assistance will do more harm than good. Following are …

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Ideas on Compassionate Living

Freeman Wicklund Animal Rights Activist Chimpanzees are social beings whose lives are filled with the company of others. In this regard, Sarah, the chimpanzee was no different. She was a subject at a psychology department who learned to communicate with humans using symbols. Her early years were spent with humans …

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