Green Thumb or Blue Thumb?

Ami Voeltz Do It Green! Magazine There are many ways to think about how to keep our environment healthy in our communities and our yards. Water is often at the top of the list for most of us. Now there an easy way to find resources on protecting water quality …

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Take the Next Step: Higher Education

Do It Green! Minnesota With resource conservation, sustainability and green living on many people’s radar, it is no surprise that colleges are offering degrees and classes in these areas. Here is just a local sampling. Whether you are fresh out of high school looking to learn how to create a …

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The Earth’s Health is Your Health

Sraddha Helfrich; Joel Helfrich University of Minnesota Medical Student; The Twin Cities Green Guide In the springtime, we eagerly anticipate the fresh green of the new foliage, signifying the awakening of life in the flora around us after a cold and often long winter. As each season fades into the …

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