Sources of Seeds

Kristin Thiel Do It Green! Magazine There is a frightening loss of seed and plant diversity worldwide. It is up to us to practice and encourage others to conserve. It is important to make sure your seeds are: Certified Organic – Verified by Independent Agencies Open-Pollinated – Self-Reproducing, Non-Hybrids GMO-Free …

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Saving Seed From Your Garden

Marty Bergland Wright County Master Gardener, Author of “Grow, Harvest, Eat: Essential Herbs from Garden to Table” Seed saving is an environmentally sustainable, economical, and educational activity for all age groups, gardeners, and food lovers. With a few basics, you can save seeds from your own garden or community garden …

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The Importance of Heirloom Seeds

Katrina Edenfeld If you’ve ever explored a vegetable seed rack, you’ve probably noticed an array of choices. However, there are three basic types of seeds: Hybrid varieties have been bred for particular traits such as growth pattern or disease resistance. They have been hand-pollinated, and are patented, often sterile, genetically …

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