Global Warming in Minnesota

By Ami Voeltz & Sara Grochowski
Do It Green! Minnesota

The phrase “global warming” has almost become overused in mainstream media. Anyone who is not at least vaguely aware of the threat would seemingly have been hiding under a rock during the last several years. However, many of us may still be wondering if everything will be fine if we change out our light bulbs to energy efficient models. It is hard to define what it means in our own day to day life. And how will it affect the future of Minnesota and the cities in which we live? Why should we, as individuals care and is there something all of us can do? The special articles within this Global Warming series in Do It Green! Magazine, not only talk about the world impact, but also what is happening in our own back yard. Global Warming is not just an agenda item our government is responsible to solve. Global Warming is a result of our daily choices and habits collectively through the years. Consider committing to making some personal changes as you read through these articles.

Global Warming MN

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