Top 10 Green Campaign Ideas

Sean Gosiewski
Alliance for Sustainability

Work with your neighborhood organization, congregation, school, workplace, or club to start a green campaign. Here are some campaign ideas to get you started. Many of these campaigns already have materials preprinted and other tools to make it easy for you to take it and run with it!

  1. Minnesota Energy Challenge
  2. Change a Light Change the World (October)
  3. Storm Water Campaigns (Spring & Summer), Rain Gardens, Blue Thumb, Earth Day Watershed Clean Ups
  4. America Recycles Day (Nov 15) or, Choose to Reuse
  5. Metro Commuter Challenge (May-June), Bike to Work Week and, Walking Campaigns
  6. Drive Easy Conserve
  7. Eat Local America (Aug.-Sept.)
  8. Arbor Day-Tree Planting,,
  9. National Night Out (August) or
  10. Encourage attendance at the Living Green Expo (May) and Eco Experience (August), and the Green Gifts Fair (Nov.)
Green Campaign Ideas

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