The Transition to Energy Efficient Living

Sara Grochowski
Do It Green! Minnesota

Since the advent of the industrial revolution, worldwide energy consumption has been growing steadily. With the decreasing availability of current non-renewable energy sources, we are moving towards an energy transition to renewable energy options. There are arguments for and against the many energy sources available and not yet available. As the largest consumer of energy, the United States needs to make dramatic decisions and changes. Currently, there are many community groups and government agencies working on solutions to our energy crisis. There are also many ways that we as individuals can do our part by becoming more energy efficient and reducing our overall energy needs in our lifestyles. Let’s learn from other countries such as Denmark, the U.K, Japan, and Sweden. Let’s share our successes with other cities and states as we progress, and teach each other a new way of energy-efficient living. The following articles will provide you with some insight to our current energy state, solutions in the making, and ideas for what we each can do to be a part of the energy transition in the coming years.

Energy Efficient Living

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