Gifts That Keep On Giving

Leah Bartizal
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The holidays often find us overeating, stressfully planning and consuming lots of goods. We all fall into it at some level. Gifts have almost lost the meaning of giving when technology and demand have increased to the point at which gifts are often given out of requirement instead of an act of thoughtfulness. Here are some ideas to encourage creative, unusual, recycled and fun gift giving!

Decorate Frames!
Find old picture frames and spruce them up. Attach painted bottle caps, paper mache, shells, pinecones or glitter and sequins to the frame. Inset your own favorite photos, collages, or artwork. Refurbish old frames, wrap and give!

Give Magnets!
Make your own fancy and expensive-looking magnets for about a dollar. Cut images from graphic design/stock image magazines, National Geographics or photo books. Affix a sticky clear plexi-glass to the surface. Doctor up the plexi with some sticky Mylar (colorful plastic sticker material), and stick some magnet strips to the back. Very simple, easy for all ages.The end result looks fantastic!

Make Table Favors and Centerpieces!
Find a cone-shaped object and doll it up. Decorate it to serve as the centerpiece to any Holiday table. Use plastic and/or fabric flowers and leaves, ribbons, lace feather and fabric to create an expression all your own. Napkin holders are also an easy personalized creation for your holiday table. Simply cut up paper towel tubes, affix sticky back mylar, lace, or fabric in strips around the tube and tie off or smooth out the edges for the perfect napkin holder. Consider personalizing these for each member of your family or party!

Make your own Holiday Cards!
Get a hold of thick cardstock paper and some rubber stamps! It is great to stamp images and color them in with pencils or crayons. You can cut images to glue on the cover of each card – use ribbons as bindings and include opaque paper to give the card an even classier look. We also have hundreds of envelopes to fit any size card or creation you can think to send.
During the holidays it is wonderful to give gifts. The projects here are just a few ideas of how to consume less, imagine more, and give from the heart. If you would like more ideas or are looking for materials mentioned in this article, see the resource box below. Scrappy Holidays!

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Gifts That Keep On Giving

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