Two Green Seals of Approval in Minnesota

Kate Rime & Ami Voeltz
Blue Sky Guide and Do It Green! Minnesota

Knowing what products or services are truly environmentally preferable isn’t always easy. In today’s retail sector, we encounter “green” everywhere! As a Minnesotan, you can feel confident that there are two great resources available to you to find truly green retailers, businesses, and organizations that have passed a strict criteria. The Minnesota Green Pages Directory and the Blue Sky Guide coupon book both offer transparency.

Minnesota GREEN PAGES Directory

The Minnesota Green Pages Directory mission is twofold: it offers a list of screened Minnesota businesses and organizations that are considered “green” or sustainable. It also can be used as a guide to assist organizations in coalition building. There is a criteria form that Advisory Board members review for each application on: Environmental Practices, Community Services, specific Products and/or Services. View the criteria and directory inside the Do It Green! Magazine or online at

Blue Sky Guide

Blue Sky Guide provides information on merchants selling products and services in Minnesota that have significantly reduced environmental impacts compared to alternatives, or that support the community in significant ways. The Blue Sky Guide Criteria puts this philosophy into specific guidelines for the print book and website. All products and services appearing in any of the Blue Sky Guide print and online products must meet at least one of the following three criteria: Independent, third party certification (FSC, Fair Trade, etc.), First Party Certification, or Substitution Advantage. To view the criteria visit

Please support the businesses and organizations in these two great green directories, and please share this information with others!

Green Seals of Approval

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