Capturing Cardio Power

Do It Green! Minnesota

No pain, no gain, right? At the California Fitness Center, the new mantra may be “no pain, no power.” French inventor Lucien Gambarota has created a revolutionary concept in which energy burned through exercise is converted to powering light fixtures. The excess energy is then stored in a battery. Hong Kong’s California Fitness Center has installed these exercise machines in their club. Club President, Steve Clinefelter, states, “One person has the ability of producing 50 watts of electricity per hour when exercising at a moderate pace”¦ If a person spends one hour per day running on the machine, he/she could generate 18.2 kilowatts of electricity and prevent 1,156 gallons of CO2 released per year.” We love the idea of burning calories in place of burning fossil fuels.


Cardio Power

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