Oily Food

Steven L. Hopp Americans put almost as much fossil fuel into our refrigerators as our cars. We’re consuming about 400 gallons of oil a year per citizen-about 17% of our nation’s energy use-for agriculture, a close second to our vehicular use. Tractors, combines, harvesters, irrigation, sprayers, tillers, balers, and other …

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Energy Transition

Philipp Muessig Twin Cities Energy Transition Working Group Huge energy price increases. Tight oil supplies. Climate change. Energy conservation. Major investments in renewable energy. To many people, it looks like the world is in the midst of an energy transition. What is driving this transition, where are we going, and …

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Capturing Cardio Power

Do It Green! Minnesota No pain, no gain, right? At the California Fitness Center, the new mantra may be “no pain, no power.” French inventor Lucien Gambarota has created a revolutionary concept in which energy burned through exercise is converted to powering light fixtures. The excess energy is then stored …

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