Food Co-ops in the Twin Cities

Patricia Cumbie Editor of The Mix If you live in Minnesota you are in co-op country. Cooperatives of all sizes, within an array of sectors, thrive here, including housing, insurance, electricity and farming. A cooperative business belongs to the people who use it – people who have organized to provide …

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It’s Never too Late to Go Green

Lark Weller Institute for Social, Economic, and Ecological Sustainability Many of us strive to live environmentally conscious lives. However, we often do not realize that we have the ability to make some of the same green decisions regarding our deaths as we have made throughout the rest of our lives …

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Organics in the Personal Care Industry

Tim Kapsner Senior Research Scientist, Aveda At Aveda, we are often questioned about organics. “Why aren’t our products labeled organic? What does it take to label a product organic? What does organic mean to us?” The issue of organics is complex and has been a growing topic of discussion in …

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