It’s Never too Late to Go Green

Lark Weller Institute for Social, Economic, and Ecological Sustainability Many of us strive to live environmentally conscious lives. However, we often do not realize that we have the ability to make some of the same green decisions regarding our deaths as we have made throughout the rest of our lives …

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Fossil Fuels: What Everyone Should Know

Mark Snyder Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance I attended a presentation recently titled, “The Love of Fossil Fuels: The Root of All Evil?” While the title was partly a clever play on the age-old phrase, “Money is the root of all evil,” it also had some element of truth on …

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The Unnatural Side of Natural

Jessica Houlihan Do It Green! Magazine When natural foods and green products were first created, a select niche market of consumers bought them. Due to increased public awareness and the resulting rise of demand for these products, more companies are choosing to create organic foods or adapt some of their …

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