Opting for Wind Power

Don Vasatka, The School of Environmental Studies Wind power has always been present in the background of alternative energy resources – an available source of energy but one which is not used to its fullest potential because of its high costs. With increasing fuel prices and more efficient technology, the …

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Fossil Fuels: What Everyone Should Know

Mark Snyder Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance I attended a presentation recently titled, “The Love of Fossil Fuels: The Root of All Evil?” While the title was partly a clever play on the age-old phrase, “Money is the root of all evil,” it also had some element of truth on …

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Eco Cars

Eco Cars HOURCAR Program Manager Let’s get this straight: the most efficient mile you can drive is a mile you don’t drive. Despite technological advances, cars are still 3,000 pounds of steel moved around by (mostly) fossil fuels. That said, there are some exciting new technologies which promise more efficient …

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