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“Green” Office Supplies

Ami Voeltz Do It Green! Minnesota Parts excerpted from Going Green: A Guide to Becoming An Environmentally Friendly Business Without Going Broke, When buying office supplies, it is important to think about durability, energy, natural resource use, recycled content and recyclability, toxicity, biodegradability and packaging. Make a list of all the … Read more

Eco by Stealth

Wendy Jedlicka Jedlicka Design Ltd. The biggest contribution you can make toward affecting real and positive change is to be a green educated professional working for an UNgreen company. Eco-by-stealth is the most powerful tool for deep change and it’s easier than you’d think. Do what you do best: create … Read more

Green Banking

By Rick Beeson and Terri Banaszewski Park Midway Bank You have been recycling your household garbage for years. You buy your groceries and cleaning products from your local co-op. Many of your clothes are made from organic cotton. Generally, you live a green lifestyle; however, how green are your banking … Read more

Green Your Office

Ami Voeltz Do It Green! Minnesota Business-to-Business Mail Businesses and institutions receive a great deal of unsolicited mail, such as catalogs and advertising mail for products and services of all kinds. Even when these materials are wanted, there can be a tremendous amount of waste and duplication. Do these sound … Read more

New Green Media

Maggie Mattacola/Ami Voeltz Recycling Association of Minnesota/Do It Green! Minnesota One of the great things ushered in with the green revolution has been the concept of new green media online to get information about sustainable living out to the public. The main benefits of these online websites, e-newsletters, and blogs … Read more

The CERES Principles

Tara Wesely   Remember the Exxon Valdez oil spill? Immediately following this disaster, a coalition of environmentalists and investors realized that in order to effect real environmental change, they needed industry leaders to accept responsibility for their company’s impacts on the environment. The coalition drafted the below principles – originally … Read more

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