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My Car Convinced Me to Take the Bus

Deb McKinley Minnesota Technical Assistance Program, U of MN The benefits of riding the bus are clear: Reduced air emissions Emit less carbon dioxide – a factor in global warming – by burning fewer gallons of gas Reduce traffic congestion, have more time to read, remove yourself from the isolation …

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Opting for Wind Power

Don Vasatka, The School of Environmental Studies Wind power has always been present in the background of alternative energy resources – an available source of energy but one which is not used to its fullest potential because of its high costs. With increasing fuel prices and more efficient technology, the …

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Environmental Illness

Sraddha Helfrich University Of Minnesota Medical Student What do carpets, meat, paint, household cleaners, perfumes, cigarette smoke, building materials, milk and traffic fumes have in common? They all contain toxic compounds that could be making you and your family sick. Environmental Illness (EI) is a term for diseases caused by …

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