Alien Invasion: Invasive Exotic Species in Minnesota

Erin Hendel   “We are in a period of the world’s history when the mingling of thousands of kinds of organisms from different parts of the world are setting up terrific dislocations in nature.” – Charles S. Elton Along the banks of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis and St. Paul, …

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Green Facades

Corrie Zoll & Chris Wegscheid Minnesota Green Roofs Council Green walls use living plant material on walls to beautify buildings, improve air quality and reduce energy costs. Ivy covering a building blocks direct summer sunlight, but admits winter sunlight after the leaves have fallen. Modern green walls can provide the …

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Native Plantings: A Beautiful Solution for Minnesota Shorelines

Angie Hong East Metro Water Resource Education Program Here in Minnesota, shoreline living is not limited to the rich and famous. According to the MN DNR, Minnesota has 11,842 lakes and 69,200 miles of natural rivers and streams. We have over 13 million acres of lakes, streams, and wetlands, which …

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