Junk Mail

reduce.org Is unwanted mail a problem in the United States? Let’s do the math. Shipped: 5.2 million tons Recycled: 0.98 million tons (19%) Garbage: 4.2 million tons With 31 pounds of paper and plastic going into the garbage for every woman, man and child in America, that adds up to …

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Eco History: The Life Cycle of Recycle

Emily Plucinak Carver County Historical Society Reduce, reuse, recycle. We have known the old adage since grade-school, seen the triangular-shaped symbol on the bottom of plastic containers, and have even crushed soda cans and brought them to our local supermarket’s parking lot. A century ago, however, waste not, want not …

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Buy Less

Erika Rood Do It Green! Minnesota Annie Leonard’s movie, “The Story of Stuff”, points out that Americans consume 30% of the world’s resources and produce 30% of the world’s waste; however, the US has only 5% of the world’s population. We consume more than any other nation, and we work …

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