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Green Building 101

Rachel Maloney Natural Built Home Store Let’s face it, green is hot. It describes everything from automobiles to energy sources. One area where the development of green products is exploding is in the field of green building. Green building encompasses initial building site selection and energy efficiency all the way …

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Eco History: The Life Cycle of Recycle

Emily Plucinak Carver County Historical Society Reduce, reuse, recycle. We have known the old adage since grade-school, seen the triangular-shaped symbol on the bottom of plastic containers, and have even crushed soda cans and brought them to our local supermarket’s parking lot. A century ago, however, waste not, want not …

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Zero Waste Event Planning Checklist

Ami Voeltz Do It Green! Minnesota Use this guide when planning any event from an office meeting to a large public event. To download this list online, visit Reducing Waste: Purge mailing lists to eliminate invalid addresses or duplicate mailings. Paper: Use backsides of paper for drafts, use paper …

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Corporate Watch

Tara Wesely DIG Contributor In our consumer-driven culture, we vote with our dollars. Do you want to know that your purchase doesn’t perpetuate sweatshop labor? Do you wish you could buy a vehicle that better utilized available technology? Every purchase we make sends a message to Corporate America. Lets send …

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