Biomimicry: Using Nature to Guide Us

Curt McNamara, P.E. Electrical Design Engineer and Adjunct Faculty in MCAD’s Sustainability Certificate Biomimicry is a design discipline that studies nature’s solutions in order to advance human designs and processes. Innovators from all walks of life-managers, designers, business leaders and more-can use biomimicry to create more sustainable designs. When faced …

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Achieving a Sustainable Lawn

Robert Mugaas University of Minnesota Extension Educator, Environmental Horticulture Most of us value our lawns for their various environmental, recreational and aesthetic benefits. However, when we mismanage or neglect our lawns we diminish or destroy these benefits. As it happens, with a few maintenance and schedule adjustments, most every homeowner …

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Sustainable Forestry

Michelle Peach Community Forestry Resource Center, IATP Forest products are ubiquitous in our society and include much more than wood and paper. Taxol, a chemotherapy drug; rubber-soled shoes; cosmetics; chewing gum; a molded plastic comb; and a softball can all be derived partially or fully from trees. With growing populations …

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