Eco Action Project Ideas and Resources: For Environmental Clubs

Sue Roegge

The Minnesota Energy Challenge

Can be used by club members or friendly competitions between classes, sports teams, etc.:, 612-335-5852

Global Warming projects

Project ideas and lesson plans:

Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy


Local facility tour information, project ideas, and resources…

Resources, event recycling, and recycled paper purchase co-op:, 651-222-7678

Resources, toolkits, and free recycling bins (through grant award):

Resources, reduce waste toolkit, and downloadable PowerPoint presentations:

Reducing Your School’s Energy Use

Free energy audit of your building: RETAP,

2008-2011 Carbon Reduction Program for schools:,


High school networking group YEA Minnesota (Youth Environmental Activists):, 612-250-0389

Co-opetition (competition in cooperation) energy projects with youth teams:, 320-354-5984

E-mail updates on local events:

Minnesota Environmental Partnership:

Do It Green! Minnesota Newsletter:

Minnesota Sustainable Communities Network Newsletter:


Blue Sky Guide, sell coupon books, and receive high profit margin:, 651-291-1989

Grant writing tips and fundraising ideas:

Education grants, funding links, and grant-writing tips:

Specific Project Resources

Green and sustainable living resources in Minnesota:
Your green encyclopedia, online articles, community workshops, community calendar, 612-345-7973

Lowering your ecological footprint:
Minnesota Energy Challenge,

Reducing the use of plastic bottles (pledge kit, water bottles, information, email updates):,

Plastic bag recycling (waste reduction information, locations available to recycle plastic bags):
“It’s In the Bag” Program, 651-292-4663

Organic foods, eating local (video, discussion guide, resources):

Paper (use, reduction, switching to recycled fiber paper, stopping junk mail):, 800-584-7336

Consumerism (buying local, buying responsibly, free trade):, 800-584-7336

Green String Project: club members wear a green string bracelet to remind them of the habits they’re working on. For example, reminder to use canvas bags, turning lights out, don’t print unnecessary papers, driving more efficiently.

Drop Everything Day: determine a time when everyone drops whatever they’re doing and takes some time to assess how they are doing on the energy challenge, or change furnace filters, install compact fluorescent light bulbs, whatever it is you need to do. You’ll know everyone is working on that common goal for a 3 hour block of time.

Carbon Jar: Just like an old fashioned “swearing jar” have a jar for dropping in a dollar every time someone leaves a light on, etc. Donate the proceeds to an environmental organization


Citizen’s Guide to Lobbying the Minnesota Legislature:,

1Sky Program:, 651-294-7143

Annual Events

Living Green Expo (May),

Eco Experience (August),

Green Gifts Fair (November),

Eco Action

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