A Guaranteed Ride Home

Metro Transit

Thousands of customers every day rely on Metro Transit to get them to and from work or school. In fact our 2007 goal is to serve 75 million customer trips and in 2006 we delivered 73.4 million customer trips (9 million of those were on the Hiawatha LRT line). Join Us!

With the Guaranteed Ride Home Program, you won’t have to worry about being stuck at work without a ride home when an emergency happens or you unexpectedly have to work later hours. When you enroll in the program, Metro Transit will send you two coupons that can be used for a bus or train ride, or for cab fare reimbursement up to $25. It’s like an insurance policy for your commute.

Each six months you receive replacement coupons with your program renewal. Commuters who ride the bus or train, carpool, vanpool, bike or walk at least three days a week to work or school are eligible.

The Guaranteed Ride Home Program is easy to use and it’s free! Registered commuters receive two coupons every six months. The coupons are valid on any regular workday for a bus, train or cab fare reimbursement in the event of an emergency or schedule conflict.

For more information – including instructions on how to enroll

– visit metrotransit.org and click on Rider Programs.

Guaranteed Ride

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