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New Transitways: Hiawatha, Central, Southwest and More!

Dave Van Hattum Policy and Program Manager, Transit for Livable Communities The opening of exciting new transitways in the Twin Cities is on the horizon over the next 10 years. At the same time, funding and integration challenges remain. The Twin Cities region is poised to add two new light …

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Twin Cities Transit: What’s Next?

Katie Eukel Transit for Livable Communities Investing in a region-wide transit system is a significant step toward reducing Minnesota’s global warming pollution. Think about this: there will be one million additional people living in Minnesota by 2030. If Minnesota had a 21st century transit system, it would reduce car travel …

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My Car Convinced Me to Take the Bus

Deb McKinley Minnesota Technical Assistance Program, U of MN The benefits of riding the bus are clear: Reduced air emissions Emit less carbon dioxide – a factor in global warming – by burning fewer gallons of gas Reduce traffic congestion, have more time to read, remove yourself from the isolation …

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A Sustainable Choice for Commuting

Dave Van Hattum Downtown Minneapolis Transportation Management Organization-Commuter Connection Sharing the ride by carpooling or vanpooling is a sustainable choice for commuting to work. A carpool is one of the most energy-efficient and low-polluting ways to get around town. Pools take up minimal road space and reduce the need for …

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