The Benefits of Raw Foods

Alyson Ostenaa Owner, Ecopolitan restaurant I first heard about raw foods two years ago from a friend. He had attended dinner parties in Colorado that served entire meals of fresh, raw, vegan foods. He told me about delicious appetizers, entrees, sauces, salads and desserts prepared without cooking. The chef used …

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Strengthening our Local Food Systems

Liz McMann Mississippi Market Co-op In a country where rivers of high fructose corn syrup flow through our food system and the food recalls never seem to stop, something really miraculous is happening. In the shadows of genetically modified corn fields and pre-made frozen peanut butter sandwiches, people are starting …

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Macrobiotics: Diet for a Healthy and Peaceful World

Gabriele F. Kushi, BFA, MEA, CHC, AADP Board certified Holistic Health Practitioner, macrobiotic nutritional consultant, cooking teacher, and director of Kushi’s Kitchen The goals of macrobiotics are the realization of planetary health and happiness, world peace and human evolution. Macrobiotic, derived from the Greek word macrobios (large life), is associated …

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