Cooking Locally in Minnesota

Jenny Breen Local Chef/Educator I take great pleasure in cooking and feeding people, and I love to teach others how to use simple, delicious ingredients to find that joy. One of the deepest sources of that pleasure is knowing that the food I am using has been raised and tended …

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Connecting Farms, Distributors & Restaurants

Mike Mitchelson Editor, Food Service News You’ve seen the trucks: Sysco, Reinhart, U.S. Foodservice and others, transporting food to restaurants across the country. And, yes, it’s true. Even here in the Midwest, your food travels on average from 1,200 to 1,500 miles to get to your plate, depending on which …

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Strengthening our Local Food Systems

Liz McMann Mississippi Market Co-op In a country where rivers of high fructose corn syrup flow through our food system and the food recalls never seem to stop, something really miraculous is happening. In the shadows of genetically modified corn fields and pre-made frozen peanut butter sandwiches, people are starting …

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