Natural Lawn and Garden Care

Ami Voeltz The Twin Cities Green Guide Most of us enjoy and appreciate a nice-looking yard, but lawns do more than just look good. They absorb and hold water, helping to reduce storm runoff and protecting water quality. Lawn care, however, can create environmental problems. One of the biggest problems …

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Organic Lawn Care

Bob Dahm Organic Bob, LLC Lawns originated in the Middle Ages, around castles, as a place for defensive and community activities like archery practice and grazing sheep (not recommended simultaneously!). Nowadays every home is a castle; unfortunately these village greens do not come with a mob of peasants to do …

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The American Lawn: A Brief History

Theresa Rooney Hennepin County Master Gardener The American Dream includes a house surrounded by an emerald green lawn. Where did this preoccupation with the perfect lawn originate? Some believe that our need for open spaces with a few trees began with the very start of mankind on the African Veldt. …

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