Tips From John Robbins

John Robbins
Do It Green! Magazine
  • Surround yourself with people who see and affirm your worthiness as often as possible
  • Look for opportunities to enrich the lives of others; ask a friend if there is a way to be a better friend to them; tell others what you appreciate about them
  • Lavish physical attention to your children (make them feel loved, cared for and held constantly)
  • Eat dinner together with family or friends as often as possible to strengthen bonds
  • Increase your time spent in having conversations, discussions and debates
  • Find ways to celebrate your family as often as possible; parents, siblings, elders and children
  • Get involved in your community with neighbors, through a block club, or with special interest groups
  • Learn from people who are different from you
  • Give and receive hugs daily
John Robbins Tips

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