Eat and Play to Support Sustainable Agriculture

Beth Munnich Renewing the Countryside As consumers, every dollar we spend is effectively a vote in favor of a company’s way of doing business. Since the beginning of the organic movement, concerned consumers have voted with their dollars for foods grown without pesticides, herbicides, hormones, or antibiotics, often combining their …

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Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria: From Farms to Forks and Beyond

David Wallinga, M.D. Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy We live in a world where drug-resistant “superbugs” are getting meaner and more common. These superbugs used to be found almost exclusively in hospitals in the form of life-threatening infections. They are now popping up in communities among healthy children and …

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Culinary Diversity in the Obesity Age

Aaron Vehling Writer America has become the land of the unhealthy. About two-thirds of the nation is considered overweight or obese, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Some lay blame at the hands of food conglomerates that bioengineer our food for higher profit margins. Others scapegoat our …

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