Simplify for a Richer Eco-Friendly Life

Betsy Barnum Great River Earth Institute In our complicated, stressed-out modern life of speed, consumer pressure, money worries and jam-packed schedules, the concept of living simply has crossed everyone’s mind. The truth is, it’s an appealing, attainable idea, and could make a real difference in your life. Voluntary simplicity has …

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Your Body and Mind: Keys to Overall Health

Sraddha Helfrich University Of Minnesota Medical Student Does the thought of vegan chocolate cake ever make you salivate? Does the idea of giving a speech make your stomach churn and palms sweat? Has a memory of a beloved ever made your heart race? The examples above demonstrate the mind-body connection. …

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Stress Management

Michael W. Smith Meditation Center In a 1980 survey, I asked a group of people: “How do you personally deal with stress?” I received the following answers: panic, scream, cry, get sick to my stomach, churn inside, get a headache, eat chocolate, drink alcohol, take tranquilizers and watch television. Other …

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