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Achieving a Sustainable Lawn

Robert Mugaas University of Minnesota Extension Educator, Environmental Horticulture Most of us value our lawns for their various environmental, recreational and aesthetic benefits. However, when we mismanage or neglect our lawns we diminish or destroy these benefits. As it happens, with a few maintenance and schedule adjustments, most every homeowner …

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Herbal and Synthetic Drugs: A Comparison

Joel Albers Pharmacist, Pharm.D., Ph.D. Prior to the U.S. Civil War, native healers, midwives, herbalists and witches – mostly women – were the primary caregivers. By 1865, the discipline of scientific medicine was imported from Europe, particularly from Germany. The germ theory of disease, specific disease etiology (cause), and the …

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Pollution-free Heating and Cooling: Geothermal Heat Pumps

Mark Snyder Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance What is Geothermal? Many people, when they hear the word “geothermal”, think of those old plants that were built out in Western states to generate electricity using underground reservoirs of hot water or steam. Known as “direct-use” systems, they trade off dependence on …

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Sports & Recreational Activities That are Damaging to the Environment

Ami Voeltz Do It Green! Minnesota and excerpts from the National Audubon Society, Almanac of the Environment Off-Road Vehicles For many back country hikers, bird-watchers and cross-country skiers, aggravation is spelled “ORV”. Off-road vehicles shatter the wilderness silence, crush vegetation, terrify wildlife, leave rutted trails, and cause erosion. There are …

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