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Organics Recycling — Give Back to Nature

Alisa Reckinger Hennepin County Whether at a school, church, or business, establishing an organics recycling program is a great way to reduce the amount of trash disposed of by your organization and reinvigorate your recycling program. Organics include all food waste and non-recyclable or food-soiled paper products and can make …

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Co-operative Housing

Do It Green! Minnesota From From the outside, a housing co-op looks like any other townhouse development or apartment building. But, a housing co-op is different – here’s how: Owned by Members The residents of a housing co-op are members of the co-op corporation which owns the whole property. …

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Invest in a Cleaner, Healthier Future: Upgrading Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

John F. Neville The SEA Group If you have the resources and are going to stay in your home for a while, you may want to invest some time and money in upgrading your home to improve its energy efficiency. Over time, investments in energy conservation return big dividends in …

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Environmental Education Resources

Do It Green! Minnesota Minnesota is a national leader in environmental education and offers a number of resources: Minnesota Association for Environmental Education (MAEE) MAEE is a professional organization that supports and strengthens environmental education throughout Minnesota. MAEE also represents the EE community on relevant issues and legislation. SEEK: Sharing …

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The Development of Sustainable Communities

Shelley Calvert Do It Green! Minnesota Historical perspective might provide some clues. Consider the shift in how and where people live. When the country was young and mostly undeveloped, small gatherings of people settled in geographic areas that proved fruitful for farming, mining, fishing, logging or shipping all industries that …

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